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The granny stripes duality

The granny stripes duality


I’ve been wanting to crochet a granny stripes blanket for a while now for the bedrooms, but I was afraid of starting one too large, too narrow, well I’ve been searching for the best pattern using fingering mini skeins or left overs, I’m sharing with you today the details of my quest.

I settled on the free pattern from Lucy Attic 24 @attic24 you can find it here :

but I decided to make the same modifications as @tinkhickman did for her Cozy Nana stripes blanket, you can find her project specifications here :

The only change I made was to start using the chainless foundation technique, meaning I crocheted 300 stitches with chainless foundation then I skipped row 1 from the pattern (it no longer applied to me) and went directly to row 2.

It makes the whole project much more stretchy, believe me I already tried with the regular chain foundation and this is a game changer.

For the rest I followed Lucy’s pattern and used a 3mm hook and same size as Deb @tinkhickman.

I find her choices perfect for if you are looking for the perfect scrappy / minis granny stripes blanket, let me tell you why :

When you change color on each row it uses (it can be slightly different regarding your tension) 5 gr of fingering sock yarn. Which is really perfect if you are using minis or leftovers.

The finished width of the blanket is 170 cm / 66,92 inches, I think it will be the perfect size to fully cover a single bed blanket (vertically) or as a queen sized bed throw at the feet ( horizontally ).

I couldn’t decide on a color palette, I wanted to make a pastel neon cutie for my girl, or a moody mauve / neutrals for me, I am a woman of decisions, I started both :)

I don’t know what the total yardage will be for the finished project. So far I’m using the following mini skeins for my pastel neon cutie, in order of appearance :

Olympia, Chloris, Helios, Aphrodite, Musa, Apollo, Siren, Peach, Achlys, Dream, Unicorn poop (dark batch), Lightning bolt.

Next ones waiting in the project bag : Rose, Orchis, Pegasus, Love spell, Zephyr, Fairytale, Freshwater, Andromeda, Unicorn poop, Sunset, Callisto, Phobos, Evanescence, Seaglass, Demeter, Aurora, Calypso.

For my moody mauve neutral one, in order of appearance :

Forbidden fruit, Thorns, Harmonia, Bud, Naive, Happy dye 777, Envy, Hope, Spring Blooms, Sanctuary, Atlas, Zephyr, Styx, Evanescence.

Next ones waiting in the project bag : Sassenach, Rust, Evanescence, Arachne, Melpomene.


I’ll keep you updated regularly on Instagram on both those projects, in the meantime I have both projects up on ravelry :


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  • Jasmine Watts

    Hello I am hoping you get this comment. I am essentially doing the same blanket. I can’t seem to figure out the amount of cuticles I need for my chainless foundation. I am doing a scan (us terms) and the attic24 pattern with worsted/aran yarn (4). How did you determine the correct number for yours? I want mine to fit my single/full bed with overhang (width wise)

    Thank you and hope your project is doing well

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