Shop update preview : June 26th 2021 8pm CEST

Shop update preview : June 26th 2021 8pm CEST

It's that time again, I worked very hard to be able to list many different colorways for this update, but it means I had to focus on less different bases. There will be a great amount of Artemis Soft Sock and some Artemis single. 

Hand dyed yarns

I have dyed some of my oldest colorways, it's been a while since I dyed Athena, Persephone or Boreas. It makes me so happy to see them back in the store. 

I have found so many beautiful fades while taking pictures, I will show them below, to present colorways and maybe give you so inspirations :

From left : Reverie, Mystical, Orion, Ritual, Persephone, Athena, Harmonia and Artemis 

speckled fade hand dyed yarns

From left : Musa, Freshwater, Aquarius, Artemis, Pythia and Divine 


From left : Mystical, Hyacinth, Siren, Boreas and Harmonia


Also for this update I'm trying something new, you were many to express your stress regarding updates, trying to snag the yarn you want while discovering it at the same time can be really complicated. I took it in consideration and tried to come up with a solution, all items that will be listed on saturday are now live with the tiny label "Coming soon", you cannot purchase it now, it will only be available on staruday at 8pm CEST as usual But it allows you to take your time to discover colorways and bases available. If you need to know how many skeins of a colorway will be listed just look at the picture and for most of them it's the same, if I happen to have more in stock than 4 skeins, I mentionned it in the product description. I really hope it will give a smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone !

 hand dyed yarn

 See you Saturday ! happy sneak peek in the meantime ! 




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