I’m Natasha Sirgant, born and raised in Toulouse, South France. I learned how to knit when I was eleven but I really became hooked in my early twenties. During my Erasmus year abroad in Ireland, I totally fell back in love with knitting. When I graduated, the path before me didn’t felt right, I knew I needed to have a creative job, I dreamt (and still dream) to be a painter and/or a writer (one can be both, right ?).

I grew up in a very creative and art sensitive household. Museums, antique sculptures, paintings, art in general were a huge part of my education. Greek mythology is my particular comfort zone, always reminiscing of my childhood, family heritage and roots (on my father’s side). 

Artemis Yarns was born in 2016 from a deep will to create my own colorways. I was thrilled to see I could combine my love for painting and my beloved fiber hobbies. What started as a part time activity quickly became my actual job. 

You won’t often see solid colorways at Artemis Yarns, (even if it’s starting to change a bit), I tend to find solid colorways boring. I feel the need to add a little extra, speckled yarns are my first and true love. I have a huge thing for purple/violet and mint/aqua, but I love all colors. It’s actually more phases, purple and mint are my absolute regulars but I go through various color loving phases. I’m currently in my rust, grey, olive green, peach moment. Can’t wait to see what color obsession is coming next !

If I had to describe my dye style, I would say ethereal, vibrant, bright, pastel, sometimes moody and dark. I have a particular love for fades it’s my absolute joy to see how they turn out once knitted.

Artemis Yarns is a one woman show, operated by a very introvert owner :) my ultimate goal is to create the prettiest items to fulfill all knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, fiber arts crafters wildest dreams :)


Ecology :

As a small business using natural goods and transforming them, I have to let you know what I put in place to meet my ecological values.

My main raw material is wool, I do my absolute best to source wool that comes from ethical farming, also I only use mulesing free yarns.

Regarding my dye work, I have managed to come up over my 5 years of business,  with a dyeing process that reuses (by filtering) multiple times most of the water I need for dyeing.

Superwash treatments, on this note I’m not gonna lie, it’s not ecological and you know it, but you asked for superwash yarns in my latest poll. I’m developing two new range of non superwash yarns for Artemis Yarns. Maybe I will manage to change your mind about superwash yarns ?

If you are bothered by acid dyes and superwash yarns and looking for the most natural and naturally dyed yarns you will be delighted to know I dye natural yarns in my sister shop Ivy Fiber Co. www.ivyfiber.com