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Aquatic Summer collection :)

Aquatic Summer collection :)

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m super excited to share this particular collection with you all. 

I visited the « Musée de la Mer » in Biarritz last may with my kids, it’s a beautiful aquarium. I have been blown away by the incredible colors of this underwater world. I fortunately took some pictures, and while looking at them afterwards, I thought « damn it would make such beautiful yarn colors !  »

When I came back home, I started working on colorways, I picked three pictures and dug in. 

Let me introduce you to Jellyfish, a warm beige with yellow undertones, mauve hues, purple and blue accent with hints of ochre. I paired it with a contrasting mini, a deep intense marine blue called Abyssal. 

The following colorways is Coral reef, it’s a cute pinkish mauve base with rich purple and berry hues, and deep blue and fluorescent yellow accents. I paired it with a contrasting mini called Bioluminescent it’s very vivid fluo between yellow and lime green.

And the last colorway is Deep Sea, a rich and intense purple/blue shade with hints of light lilac and dark blue. A real pain to photograph but a stunner in real life ! It’s a blast with it’s constrasting mini skein called Chlorophos, the prettiest lightly fluorescent minty green. 

And I couldn’t resist creating a set of mini skeins inspired by the ocean marvels :

the Aquatic Summer mini skeins set !

Now that I showed you all the pretties, let me tell you how it’s going to work for this collection. All colorways, the three main ones ( Jellyfish, Coral reef, Deep sea) and all the mini colorways, and contrasting mini colorways will be available in my Artemis sock base, ready to ship 2nd of june at 20pm CEST. All colorways will also be available as preorders in the following bases : Artemis Sock, Artemis High twist, Artemis single, Artemis DK, Artemis Silky Suri, Artemis Stratos, Artemis Mohair silk.

This collection and preorder will be live on the website until August 31st. After this date it won’t be coming back. 

Thank you so much for reading ! 


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